torsdag den 28. januar 2010

When a great salary pays off

A quick trip to the city can sometimes bring in key items for a great season. It's never too late to buy a perfect winter suit. Today's catch was this slim fitted suit with velvet finishings from the Danish brand DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. Pay day certainly is happy day.
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Blue is B(l)ack

Blue is certainly the colour of the season. Mix up blue tones and play with stripes and checkered long shirts because blue is back as the new black. This is from Marc by Marc Jacobs' S/S 2010 show. If your wallet isn't that fond of heavy price tags, go to your nearest high street brand and shop for the blue items. (H&M has made a great double buttoned suit jacket. Only 100 Euros.) Wear the different patterns at the same time and achieve a preppy look. Just remember to fold your chinos again this season, comb your hair and you'll be ready for spring.

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tirsdag den 26. januar 2010

High waisted trousers from LANVIN S/S 2010

I saw it coming. It was just a matter of time. LANVIN has made the high waist pants über masculine and elegant. This picture is from the men's campain S/S 2010. The man and the woman are actually the noted fashion photographers and married couple Inez van Lamsveerde and Vinoodh Matadin - not models. Check out the rest of the authentic line on - it's worth a sight !

Source: LANVIN

Burberry Prorsum buttons up in thier 2010 Fall/Winter collection

The militairy look is next year's big 'thing'. Wear this knitted button sweater to feel like a real Burberry knight and move 'prorsum' (latin for forward) across the borders of winter fashion 2010. More militairy-stuff will be posted later. Mainly from Dolce & Gabbana's F/W 2010 show.

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torsdag den 21. januar 2010

"Fly me to the moon..."

Some of the greatest brands have brought the butterfly back on its wings. This winter you can prep up your winter outfit but still feel casual. Here is my vintage collection of butterflies from this winter. I have four velvet butterflies (red, grey striped, blue, and black (not in the picture)), two made of silk and on glitterish paper butterfly. The glitterish butterfly was manly meant for NYE but I thought it deserved to be in the picture). I wear them with a casual polo shirt or with a clean white shirt for a night on the town. It looks great with a pullover as well.

onsdag den 20. januar 2010

The brown pilot sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana is one of my favorite brands. Italians when they're best. The spring/summer collection is very much inspired by 'the guy next door'. But no Dolce without a bit of glamour. The colors of this season is beige, white and blue(denim) mixed with brown strappy sandals and raw leather belts. These brown pilot glasses is one of this season's musthave items - for both men and women. Try to find a pair that has one tone darker shades than your summer tan but still a color that matches you hair at the same time. The frame has to be ultra shiny metal. This creates a bohemian but still a glamoures beach look - like 'the (stylish) guy next door'. Check out the rest of the campaign at Dolce & Gabbana's web site. ( For the ladies: Check out the men's add campaign and recognize 'Adam' from The City)

Source: Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer collection 2010 - add campaign.

tirsdag den 19. januar 2010

Hiroki Tsukuda for H&M

Today's buy. A collaboration between H&M and up-and-coming creative talents just like japanese Hiroki Tsukuda, who clearly has a special place for machinery in his heart. If you check out his website you'll see what I meen. This print reminded me of an updated version of Lara Croft from the manly film TombRaider. Though I've never been that fond of Tomb Raider( but a big fan of Angelina), I thought this t-shirt could bring something else to my wardrobe. I'm gonna use the t-shirt with washed jeans and might aswell under a blazer/cardigan accesorized with a big black wollen scarf and a grey suede belt. Next up in the row of talents is 18-year old André from Sweden and his first factory made collection for his hyped t-shirt label "Black Book". He is a professor in making cool print t-shirts but in this collection we decide which prints we will see when the collection is launched in late April. Get a preview a H&M's homepage, join the cotest and even meet the leopard iggy piggy

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Update your old converse and follow spring trends

Try these studded denim shoes with leather addings from Diesel's spring collection 2010. The shoes will match any outfit - even the suit if you dare. Do you agree?

Source: Picture - - collection - diesel - "Footwear"

Show your masculine side and strap on a pair (of jeans)

I thought jeans were on their way out - but they must have some kind of boomerang effect. This spring everything has to be denim. Shoes, shirts, watches, jeans and even your undies have to be denim to impress the fashion industry this season. Try the D&G spring look with the denim shirt with pushbuttons and stone washed jeans. Forget the belt - it's not that complicated or sofisticated. Life in the barn is suddenly the way to live. Expose your inner cowboy - Spring is the season!

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