mandag den 19. april 2010

Back to basics with Burberry

I been wanting a Burberry trenchcoat for years now. And when I found this on a danish second hand clothing website I thought I'd give it a shot. And I'm actually very satisfied with my trenchcoat - I was worried I would look like a german soldier, but I think it works quite good after all.

H&M calls for a stylish and relaxed summer

I just found these two items in H&M the other day. I especially like the skull t-shirt - perfect for my underdressed and laid back summer. I would wear both with beige shorts and brown shoes. For example the ones PHIGO made last summer (which I have regretted ever since I didn't buy - stupid me).

Marc Jacobs shades

Just found these on the other day and had to buy them. Unfortunately this color won't be back in stock untill the end of May. I hope they are worth waiting for.