fredag den 26. marts 2010


Summertime calls for a new time piece. An expensive happit one might say, but I've been wanting this watch since last year. It is all black in black with a black rubber band. Originally made for the Italian rugby sports team. A true sportswatch - authentic style.

torsdag den 4. marts 2010

Why spend a lot when you can spend less?

The white panama hat(350 kr) from By Malene Birger S/S 2010 collection has become one of the most wanted item this summer. Even the knock-off H&M has made at an affordable price(59.95 kr) is sold out already.
The fantastic tolero jacket at (only) 2500 kr from By Malene Birger also has a little sister in H&M's New yorker girl collection. The H&M jacket is only 499 kr - the design is not quite the same( I like Birger's the most), but the idea and expression is the same. Certainly a great buy for the stylish woman! Wear it with on of the season super short black skirts.
Source: - H&